Why Should I Join CARPOOL?

Service Hours:

New members are expected to work 4 nights a semester in CARPOOL. Each night is about 6-7 hours of work. On top of that members are expected to work fundraisers and recruitment events, which can add an additional 5 hours of work during the semester. In total that’s 33 hours of service hours a semester you can put on your resume, or 264 over a typical 4 years. Not to mention most of those hours are over the weekend at night, so it doesn’t effect studying or homework.


CARPOOL attracts many diverse people from different majors and places. Becoming a member is a good way to meet people outside of your major with different or similar interests. Over the years CARPOOL has been home to many small groups such as a soccer teams, mud-volley ball teams, DnD groups, and Pokémon Go groups. We also host study nights and biweekly events so that members get the chance to meet each other and get to grow closer.

Leadership Experience:

As a member of CARPOOL you get the chance to be on a CARPOOL Committee. CARPOOL Committees give members the chance to make important decisions for the organization or propose changes they’d like to see within the organization. After your first semester you will also get the chance to join CARPOOL Staff, unpaid positions in CARPOOL where you attend weekly meetings and help the organization run full-time. Staff positions have a list of duties they are expected to fulfill and can lead CARPOOL in new directions.

Free Food:

Every night we run CARPOOL has food donated to members working that night. We have tons of food sponsors that range from Italian food, pizza, burgers, Mexican food, and chicken tenders. This free food is only available if you sign up to work though, so sign up to work more and get more free food!