Service Related Questions

“Can CARPOOL members take CARPOOL?”

Of course! Students are applauded for being sensible enough to use our service rather than getting behind the wheel when they are not sober. All members of CARPOOL are encouraged to use the service if they are ever in need, no questions asked. We want our members to be as safe as possible when they are not working, and when our members use CARPOOL it shows the trust they have in the organization and its service.

“Is CARPOOL anti-alcohol?”

CARPOOL’s official stance on alcohol is that we believe it is the patron’s choice whether or not to drink. We only ask that they do it responsibly and never drink and drive. CARPOOL is a non-judgmental service, and we are neither for nor against drinking. If a student decides to drink, we will be there to provide a free, safe ride home. CARPOOL works with Alcohol and Drug Education of Texas A&M to help promote the safe use of alcohol and to teach students about the proven effects of binge drinking. We also take sober students home when they are in need, so our numbers do not solely reflect intoxicated students who have taken CARPOOL.

“Does CARPOOL frown on underage drinking?”

We recognize that it is illegal to drink under the age of 21, however, CARPOOL is not a law enforcement entity. We are simply here to ensure students get home safe when they are in need of a ride, whether that be due to alcohol or other circumstances.

“What is your favorite story from a ride?”

All CARPOOL rides are confidential. Confidentiality as it relates to CARPOOL is best summarized as “what happens in CARPOOL stays in CARPOOL.” This means there will be no mention of who was taken home, what occurred during the actual ride, or what a member witnessed while working operations at Northgate Station. This is for the comfort and safety of our patrons.

“Why do I have to give my Resident Advisor’s name to get a ride to campus?”

Giving an RA’s name is Texas A&M Residence Life’s policy. It ensures that the patron does in fact live on campus, and keeps the other residents in the dorm safe. By providing the name of your RA, you are giving us proof that you do indeed live on campus and are thereby allowing us to take you home. We do not inform your RA, or anyone else for that matter.

“Do I have to be a student to take CARPOOL?”

Not at all! We will take anyone home within the Bryan/College Station city limits, so long as you call for a ride before 3 am!

“Do I have to be drunk?”

Nope! We just want to see everyone make it home safely, no matter what your circumstances are for needing a ride.

“What if I need a ride from Northgate?”

You can call our phone lines per usual, but occasionally, we run a Northgate Station right behind the Dixie Chicken by the Spirit Statue! You can walk up to any CARPOOL member, who are identifiable by lime green shirts, to sign up for a ride there. You must still sign up for a ride before 3:00 am, same as when calling our phone lines.

“It’s after 3 am and my CARPOOL ride still hasn’t picked me up. Did I get skipped?”

Not to worry! We stop accepting new calls after 3:00 am, but our services do not stop until we have taken home everyone who signed up. If you attempt to call us to ask for a ride, or to even check where you are on our list, you will not be able to reach us after 3:00 am. Just hang tight and wait for our members to call you when your ride is assigned.

Can I schedule a ride in advance?”

Unfortunately, no. CARPOOL operates on a first come, first serve basis and therefore we will not take any calls before 10 pm. Additionally, this means that you cannot call and ask for CARPOOL to pick you up at a specific time. When you call for a ride, you are placed on our list and will receive a call back from your drivers when you have reached the top of the list and they are on their way to pick you up.

Membership Related Questions

“Do you drive your own cars?”

No! CARPOOL is partnered with Enterprise, and we rent a different fleet of cars and vans each weekend. This means that our members never have to worry about additional wear and tear on their personal vehicles when they work, and our patrons can be sure that they will always be taken home in a clean, well-maintained vehicle.

“What if I don’t have a car?”

No problem! Members are never asked to drive their personal vehicles during a night of operations. The only time that having a car of your own may come in handy is coming to our base of operations, The Lime, when you are signed up to work. However, other members working are always kind enough to pick you up; all you have to do is ask!

“What if I don’t like driving?”

You’re in luck! CARPOOL has plenty of other jobs available during a night of operations, such as being a navigator in the car, answering calls for rides, and working at our Northgate station promoting CARPOOL as an option to get home! We will never make you do a job you are uncomfortable with!

“Do you work every weekend?”

Not unless you want to! Members are able to sign-up online for the nights of their choosing; we will never force you to work. New members have a requirement of 4 nights per semester and returning members have a requirement of 5 nights per semester. Some of our members choose to work two nights every weekend, while others simply meet their requirements. No matter how often you work, you are still saving lives and are a huge help to our organization.

“Do members get paid to work?”

Not in money, but being a member of CARPOOL has its own set of rewards, such as free food from one of our food sponsors every night you work! Working CARPOOL counts as service hours, and members are rewarded with a fun, social atmosphere; lifelong friendships are created every day in CARPOOL. Through fundamental training, motivational speakers, and leadership development, volunteers gain valuable knowledge and experience applicable in everyday life. Members also receive the many intrinsic rewards that one can only obtain by knowing that someone’s life has been saved.

“Do I pay for gas?”

Members do not pay for gas! CARPOOL as an organization has a budget, and gas is included in that!

“Can I still go out if I’m a member?”

Yes! Just because you are a member of CARPOOL does not mean you are unable to go out on the nights you are not working. We require that members do not consume alcohol after 6:00 am on any day they have signed up to work. So long as it is not a night that you are expected to work, members are free to spend their time however they so choose.

“If someone calls in the middle of the week, do I just have to drop everything to go pick them up?”

CARPOOL only runs Friday and Saturday nights from 10:00 pm to 3:00 am. Calls will not be answered outside of operating hours and rides will not be given during any other time.